Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello, 'again', Elisabeth!

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Last November Elisabeth had a fundoplication done to prevent vomiting. From the time she was born, Elisabeth vomited all day, every day. This meant I was continually changing bibs, clothes, and bedding. Not to mention the discomfort that she lived with. A fundoplication seemed like the right things to do in order to improve quality of life - for both of us.

Little did I know how it would change her life.

These past few weeks it is as if Elisabeth has awoken from hibernation. For years she has slept the majority of the day. She stopped sitting upright, she stopped playing with toys, she stopped smiling and laughing, and she stopped vocalizing. She was regressing in every way.

What I didn't anticipate with this surgery was the difference it would make in her seizure activity. You see, now that she doesn't vomit, all of her medications stay in. And with her medications staying in, seizures are down to a few a day. And with only having a few a day, her brain has come to life!

She is smiling, laughing, sitting up, playing with toys, interacting...she has even started saying the word 'again' again after several years of silence. It is miraculous. I had mentally resigned myself to the fact that Elisabeth would never regain the skills she had lost - I never imagined this could happen! It has brought us such joy to see our little angel coming to life 'again'.

And to think, there were times during her rough recovery 
that I questioned if it had been the right thing to do!

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