Monday, March 30, 2015

She Won!!!!

May I present to you the Highlands Middle School 
Vice President for 2015-2016 school year:

 photo 39507bf2-7feb-4e0a-9072-b64cc4f2b7fc_zpsowkvqdvf.jpg

When I arrived at the school to pick her up I had not yet heard if she had won the election. I spotted her across the grass before she saw me. I could see she had a sparkle in her eyes and was standing tall and proud. And I knew. I knew she had won.

One second later she spotted me and came running into my arms, "I won! I won!"

Friday was perhaps my proudest parenting day thus far. As I sat in the gym and watched her sing her speech in front of all her peers I kept thinking, "I can't believe she's mine." At the end of her song I heard a young man behind me say, "Did she just say 'It's your loss if I lose'? I like it. I'm voting for her". I then looked at all the other students and could see that they were all a little bit in awe. To impress an audience of middle schoolers is no easy feat...and she had done it.

The Candidates:

 photo bdeaa19e-9134-47fc-8341-b2df6a81e29c_zpsaj1flp1o.jpg

The Speech:

 photo 86b68971-0a2d-491f-82e1-8b6d390cce49_zpsu6j9e7x1.jpg

The Victory Hug:

 photo e9d3c38e-f4eb-487a-bbca-5f8ff61acaf4_zpspiz3fjpv.jpg

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