Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"You won't fall."

At that exact moment,

  photo ff503726-6a43-47c0-a779-8f6cf61b842c_zpskbohvmpv.jpg

  Elsa was saying,

 photo 25649250-8fb5-4cf4-9b02-b23a19aa1eab_zpsnj9duvyz.jpg

"I've got my arm around you so you won't fall."

  photo acb0c119-0460-4bdc-b28e-989c3350c6b6_zpsuro5djzh.jpg

I am continually grateful that Elisabeth has big sisters to help her through life.

  photo 9ad17b22-c81b-490a-afa4-4f6221758e72_zpsf99tzevd.jpg

Sisters = Love

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