Monday, June 15, 2015

A Difference of Opinion

Someone once told me I was selfish to bring Elisabeth into the world knowing she would have brain damage, one of their reasons being that she would be a burden to her siblings.

 photo 099ffcc0-b253-4e68-b9f2-abd01ddf83b5_zpsxo3i2bf4.jpg  photo 31324a24-aacd-49ea-a10b-f6d6d750c265_zpsquidhrfj.jpg
 photo e1f85201-a076-41a2-8118-e1bd1ec9af6b_zpsfksnthhy.jpg  photo ecba1545-c68c-4e1c-ac14-2b8e91f6b974_zpswvns0qaf.jpg

I beg to differ.

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