Monday, July 27, 2015

A Homecoming and A Farewell

A few weeks ago I traveled to Utah with Alexandra and Elisabeth. My oldest nephew, Matthew had just returned from serving a mission in Texas on July 1st, and his younger brother, Jacob, left to serve a mission in Argentina on July 15th.

It was a special occasion to be there with their family and I am SO incredibly proud of my nephews.

Both Matthew and Jacob spoke at church and following the service my sister hosted a delicious brunch at her home. The color theme was yellow and blue to represent the Argentinian flag.

 photo 7611bdac-4297-400f-8c69-1cb0c228aa08_zpsr3juqpyq.jpg  photo 07a79811-bc89-40f9-b456-ea57b487165d_zps7aaajkpi.jpg  photo 401e61bb-f927-4267-822c-8589f51dc738_zpso5vqlluq.jpg  photo 8ea82e14-78d1-44f5-bfd5-e23452f75eb5_zpsljddsq1k.jpg  photo ef2642e7-7b1f-4ca9-82f7-1c00dd15e0bd_zpsrmrdnwfc.jpg  photo 4d749554-9e6c-4352-ba08-d353ae60ab14_zpspfrnoizk.jpg  photo 03d2dbf6-e736-4252-be89-82e60c02f032_zpsegfulrzi.jpg  photo 38cff3cf-6d69-438f-a28f-31f91f710de6_zpsuqd2txxz.jpg  photo bcfc62fa-8083-4148-a19f-488b9f7d8c8d_zps9fhohrie.jpg

Alexandra enjoyed having all her cousins to herself while Elsa and Lorelai were in Portland competing in a regional track meet.

 photo f57b8d2a-da1c-4db8-bbe7-4536da296652_zpsq4kvn88w.jpg
Left to right...Alexandra, Ben, Katya, Jacob, Matthew, Peter, and Daria.

I loved being in Salt Lake City. The weather was divine, the mountains majestic. It is simply spectacular there!

 photo d68663c7-72d9-4f71-80ce-d5fde3f09001_zpss0ojbjk2.jpg  photo c615bda7-ab2a-41b2-9743-d5411c8715b2_zpsgugyqrhw.jpg  photo 8d300e69-da69-4e4e-9efe-2d9cdfda7f6c_zpsz53nrmth.jpg  photo 971705cd-56f2-4510-80c9-90211e2b922b_zpsowid4e5s.jpg

I love to see the temple.

 photo e38e54b2-4f31-443e-81d7-25a66002f4b0_zps6ddk97is.jpg  photo 75bc7298-a6b6-432a-bf9f-1e43ec9710ad_zpsfyy39jki.jpg

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