Monday, September 21, 2015

The Return of Aunt Jennifer

After two years away, Aunt Jennifer arrived back in Washington on Saturday night.
It was her first time meeting Elsa:

 photo 20150919_225115-1_zps02yra4v0.jpg

Everyone loves Aunt Jennifer!!!

 photo 20150919_225142_zpsazssxcys.jpg

And naturally, as soon as we got to the house, Jennifer went in and scooped Elisabeth up out of bed!

 photo 20150919_231619_zpssvogttcg.jpg  photo 20150919_231736_zpstz6jupcd.jpg

The next morning, they did some proper snuggling:

 photo 20150920_084036_zpsbhm1wkcp.jpg  photo 20150920_084100_zpsjulmdb8c.jpg

Then off to Badger Mountain for the FINAL prep hike before climbing Mt. St. Helens...
 photo 20150920_095827_zpsmsicr7mz.jpg 


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