Friday, January 15, 2016

A Merry Little Review

Christmas at my mom's house was so nostalgic for me. Seeing my children wake up and gaze at wonder at the same tree I woke to throughout my childhood. It was magical.

 photo 20151225_070615_zpsxwik1c7i.jpg

Uncle David, Uncle Marc, and Uncle Michael were all there, too.

 photo 20151225_074544_zpsrtsss84x.jpg  photo 20151225_101404_zpszteeiu4l.jpg
 photo 20151225_081412_zpsnmf6lygu.jpg

Elisabeth loves her new doll and elephants.

And Lorelai was thrilled to get Grace, the 2015 American Girl Doll of the Year! (She, like Lorelai, loves to bake!) photo 20151225_083458_zpssacnpf7i.jpg

The number one thing on Alexandra's Christmas list was a typewriter. And...Santa delivered!

  photo f398e725-17c2-4fa2-8219-1eb79a3bf63d_zpscygykv3e.jpg  photo c953a93b-a3a3-4c09-84d9-b512d87af85d_zpshvfr7vam.jpg

The days leading up to Christmas Alexandra kept smiling and saying, "click click"...mimicking the sound of the keys typing. She was quite confident she was going to get one!

 photo 20151225_150835_zpsfatlxqhg.jpg

She spent the rest of Christmas vacation typing...and I have carefully saved each and every manuscript!
 photo 20151225_152200_zpsh5lweyud.jpg

'Twas a 
merry day 
 photo 20151225_074548_zpssajtj7hw.jpg 

Some gifts included:

Colorful Toy
Cabbage Patch Kid

Superman pictures
Etch a Sketch
Frozen sticker book
Stacking Cups

Grace Doll
View Finder
Hand Mixer
Vans shoes
Guinness Book of World Records

Kindle Fire
Kindle case
Lava lamp
YOLO Juliet

 photo 20151225_112634_zpsnbplhp2j.jpg
[Domino's from Uncle Michael]

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