Saturday, March 25, 2017

Elsa in Specs

A few months ago we started to notice Elsa struggling with vision. Things like not being able to read the clock from across the kitchen, and opening to the wrong hymn at church because she had misread the numbers. Then she began squinting - scrunching up her face and straining to see things.

We scheduled her with the ophthalmologist and sure enough... 
 20/80 vision.

"If she were trying to get a drivers license today, she would fail," the doctor said.

Then came the fun part: picking out frames!

 photo IMG_20170314_180441_615_zpsbmouyrnf.jpg

In true Elsa fashion, she made everything look good!

On Thursday I got a text that they had arrived and were ready for pick up. Elsa was so excited!

"It will be nice to see again," she said.

 photo 20170323_162454_zpsrsqc0vh8.jpg  photo 20170323_162533_zpsae9jlzii.jpg
[Elsa's first moment of restored vision.]

 photo 20170323_162556_zpsbiwzyklk.jpg 

Later that day I looked at Elsa in her new glasses and thought of her tribe back in Ethiopia. I thought about the people there and how glasses aren't available to them when vision starts to fail. I thought about Elsa, and how if she were still in Dunchai (her village in Ethiopia), she would live her life in a blur. I thought of her mother, and the sacrifice she made so that Elsa would have a life of opportunities; school, food, doctors...and glasses

I think her mom would approve.

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