Friday, January 4, 2008

Magnets and Portfolios

Two things that I am very excited about.......

First of all, my good friend Bonnie found these refrigerator magnets and bought them for Elisabeth. At a glance they appear to be your average alphabet magnet, but look closer and you'll see that each one has the letter in braille on it too!! Isn't that fabulous! Alexandra has decided that it will be her job to help Elisabeth learn braille. Last night she was taking the letter H and moving Lizzy's finger across the dots over and over while repeating "H". I figure it's never to early to start teaching. This will be a wonderful learning experience for our whole family!

Secondly, if your house is anything like our house there are little artists EVERYWHERE and therefore little masterpieces EVERYWHERE. It accumulates rather quickly and while I have been saving the best of the best in folders up to this point, the folders were starting to reach their maximum capacity. So the other night at work (I work about one evening a week at Hallmark) I bought what are meant to be gift bag organizers. They open up wide and have lots of dividers inside.....the perfect art portfolio! And here's the best news. We had them in our Christmas clearance and I bought them for $1.60 each!!! I got three, one for each of my girls. At first I wasn't going to get one for Elisabeth because I doubt that blind people spend too much time painting and drawing. But I decided to get her one just in case.....after all, Beethoven was deaf when he composed his ninth symphony.

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