Saturday, June 14, 2008

End of Week Review


  • Finished her ACTH therapy.
  • While the ACTH is 80% successful, my dear little one was not part of that 80%.
  • We return to Spokane next week to discuss further options.


  • She is officially registered for kindergarten!
  • Composed her first violin etude.


  • Completed her first semester of ballet classes.
  • Her recital is today! I'll make sure to post pictures soon.


  • The weather finally warmed up and the wind died down.
  • I am giddy with excitement as I think towards all the fun that awaits us in the coming months!
  • And because it finally warmed up, my dear Elisabeth was finally able to wear this sweet number:


  • Thanks again Susan, it's the perfect summer dress for Elisabeth.
  • Donald's cousin Jennifer sent a little surprise in the mail. Aren't surprise packages the best? Anyways, she sent a book on CD for me to enjoy during my drives to and from Spokane. Thanks Jennifer! I'll listen to it this week, can't wait!

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