Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Spring cleaning. It's time. Yes, I know it's not quite Spring yet, but by getting it done now we'll be able to enjoy outings to the park and strolls around the neighborhood once warmer weather arrives.

By the way....I love cleaning. And I love organizing. And I love finding little ways to make our home comfortable and practical. And all of these things together mean Spring Cleaning to me. So beware of the month ahead. I have a lot of new ideas for our humble abode....and I'll be sharing them all here.

For starters:



And....I've added a bit of blooming
to myself as I anxiously await Spring:



Do I dare share my little secret?
{That I purchased this lovely piece for $6.00 at Claire's}

It will adorn my finger from here on out.

I love it.

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