Friday, May 7, 2010

"A Home or a House"


Last night Alexandra was having a major 'tude (that would be short for attitude). I'm not sure exactly what set off the 'tude, but when she chose to make a sarcastic comment about our home it put me over the edge. After dinner I had her write a one page essay listing all the reasons she loves our home. When she came downstairs a while later she was back to being the sweet Alexandra that we all know and love.

And in case you were wondering, this is why she loves her home:

Because it protects me from things that can damage it. Because I can sleep and that it's a place to feel safe. You can eat and sleep. And you can keep things at a house and you can get clean and not be stinky. And you can do fun experaments and progects in a home or house and you can right and you can like draw pictures and you can learn and you can do home work at a home or a house and you can get home on a rainy wet day and get warm and then read a book and you can wach and do things that have electrisety and can do chores and earn money at a home or a house and you can play at a home or a house and you can make things and then you can give it to someone and you can get dressed so you can be modest and you can keep secrets and you have your own property and don't need too worry.

***To protect the integrity of this essay, spelling and grammar have not been altered.

*** Elisabeth's dear little friend Cayman is in critical condition, please keep her in your prayers. And if you have a chance, hop on over to their blog and wish them well,
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