Monday, May 10, 2010

Miss Handicapped USA


We gave Elisabeth a bath before church yesterday and afterwards Donald held her while I styled her hair.

"Elisabeth, if there was a Miss Handicapped USA, you would win it," Donald told her.

And he's right, I mean, look at those curls. If only they weren't always hidden away under her helmet....


In other news, we Sorenson's have a big week ahead of us. Donald is flying to Alaska on a business trip for the week while the girls and I head to Spokane for Elisabeth's surgery.

I had made arrangements for Alexandra to stay at a classmate's house for the week so that she wouldn't miss school, but my mind was continually uneasy about it. Not about where she was staying, because they are a wonderful family, and I mean wonderful. I was simply uneasy about all of us being spread apart; Donald in Alaska, Alexandra home in Kennewick, Lorelai at Aunt Heidi's house, and Elisabeth and I at the hospital. I need my children near me this week, and so I made an executive decision to bring Lex along to Spokane.

I will rest easier, and that's good.

Photobucket Photobucket

So our bags are packed and we are ready to set the alarm on this dear home of ours and go our separate ways. But I can't leave until the FedEx truck makes a stop at our house, because do you know what it's bringing today? My Taga Bike!!

On one hand I am so excited to see it....and on the other hand I am a little bit [a lot bit] bummed out that I won't get to ride it for a week. Oh well, it's something to look forward to during the hospital stay; while Elisabeth heals I'll tell her about all the great times that await us as we set out on our biking adventures!

One more thing before I sign off:

A hospital stay means lots of reading time for me; a luxury that I don't always have during a routine day at home. Any good book recommendations?

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