Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Review of Resolutions


An update on my
New Years Resolutions 2010:

1. Whiten my teeth.

Check, check, check.

There were many, many good things about my makeover last week. So many that I could never choose my absolute favorite part. But....coming out of it with sparkly white teeth is definitely up there at the top! And I love that I can now cross that off my list for 2010.

2. Eat more oatmeal.

Okay, I started out strong. Real strong. Something like 4 or 5 bowls a week strong. But admittedly, I have slowed down my pace. Lately I have been craving Cream of Wheat. There is something about the taste and texture of Cream of Wheat that is pure goodness to me. Mmmm....

So if you wanted to know why my sidebar count-up has been inching rather than soaring, that's why.

3. Try one new recipe a week.

Help. Life in the last month or so has been busy. My mind has been far from the kitchen and I have fallen a little [a lot] behind.

So I was trying to decide if I should just forget about those missed weeks or try to play catch up.

Final decision: Play catch up.

So please, please help me out. If you have a favorite recipe, leave it in my comment section. I promise that I will try every recipe that is recommended [as long as they are reasonable and don't have bizarre ingredients that I would have to travel to Timbuktu to purchase]. Oh yes, one more thing: no seafood. Seafood and I don't get along.


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