Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Alexandra and I have dentists appointments at 8:00 this morning. That's in 30 minutes. Ugghhh..

Last summer when I went in for my annual cleaning they informed me that my wisdom teeth (which never grew in because they are all laying down flat) were decaying away under the gums. Isn't that disgusting?

So they were supposed to call me that week with a referral to a maxillofacial surgeon (who just happens to be my neighbor across the street) to have them all surgically removed. But....they never called. My referral was forgotten about.

And because I suffer from dentophobia I conveniently forgot about it too.

Which is why I think I am in big trouble at 8:00 when my dentist discovers that my rotting away wisdom teeth are still lying down under my gums....just where they were last year.


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