Wednesday, June 2, 2010



I promised more good news today. More good news could be that I managed to get Elisabeth's hair into these darling little pigtails. There was just barely enough hair in the back to pull it off. Just barely. I think it is adorable. And I also think it makes her look more like a 2 1/2 year old and less like a baby.

But, that being said, the pigtails weren't the good news that I wanted to share....

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The good news is that I have only seen 5 seizures in the past week. 5. Five. Five is nothing when you consider that she used to have 5 seizures by lunchtime every day.

Isn't that amazing!?

And I know the one to thank is her trusty ol' g-tube. I am sure that this major reduction in seizure frequency is because she is getting all of her medication.

Before her g-tube was placed [3 weeks ago today], it was hit and miss as far as what she would eat. We would try and try, but half the time she wouldn't [couldn't] swallow. And the times that she did manage to get food down it would usually reflux right back up.

Now all her meds go straight in her tummy and stay there. And now she has only had 5 seizures all week! And now she is doing things like turning pages in books...which I think could possibly be because her brain is getting a chance to think since it's not constantly having seizures.

Yes, we are happy.

So, so happy.

Things are lookin' up!


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