Thursday, July 8, 2010



I'll be spending my morning's poolside for the month of July as Alexandra and Lorelai take swimming lessons. I love watching them learn; I love providing them with opportunities to discover their talents and abilities. And often I wonder, what they will grow to be? What will be their niche in life?

The potential is there, the future is waiting. My job is to nurture their abilities; to help them navigate their way through a world of endless possibilities until they [as individuals] find what they were meant for and more importantly, what makes them happy.

And who knows, perhaps this swimming thing will stick. Maybe, just maybe, basic summer swimming lessons will turn into something bigger. After all, their grandfather was a champion swimmer back in the day; an All-American to be exact.

One thing's for sure, the potential is there....

[My dad, swimming the butterfly stroke.]

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