Monday, October 11, 2010

Spokane, here we come! (again)

[On my previous trip to Spokane I got into the van to discover that Donald had not only filled the gas tank, but had stocked the car with goodies for me to snack on.]

One year ago...

We scheduled an appointment for today at Elisabeth's ophthalmologists office. You know....planning ahead.

A few months ago...

Elisabeth's neurosurgeon sent a letter stating that he wanted to see her for a check up. I called to schedule. I told them that we were already going to be there on October 11, and asked if they had an appointment that day. They did not, so we ended up taking an appointment on September 22nd.

Going over to Spokane in two separate trips didn't seem too bad.

A few weeks after that...

I called to schedule an appointment with Elisabeth's pediatric surgeon to swap out her g-tube button. I told them that I was already going to be there in town on October 11th and September 22nd, hoping that we could double up appointments on one of those days. No, he wasn't in the office on either the 11th or the 22nd. So I scheduled an appointment on September 13th. Then I called to see if either of the other appointments could be switched to the 13th.


So that meant 3 separate trips to Spokane. Oh well.

Several weeks ago...
Elisabeth's neurologist called saying that he wanted to see Elisabeth. I listed off the 3 dates that I was already scheduled to be in Spokane and crossed my fingers...but...he didn't have appointments available on any of those days. So we scheduled for the 1st of October. And then...once again...I called all the other offices to see if any of them could switch my appointment to the 1st.

No such luck.


That meant 4 appointments in Spokane with 4 different doctors in 4 weeks.

Today is the final appointment. We get to meet Elisabeth's new ophthalmologist and see what he thinks of Elisabeth's vision. It should be interesting.

And then...

I am hoping to stay away from Spokane for a while...hopefully.

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