Friday, October 1, 2010

Stravinsky vs. Beethoven

[Picture unrelated to post. But since it's there, did you notice Elisabeth's new bink-link? It is made to look like a candy necklace. Sweeeeet.]

I decided something last night during my symphony rehearsal: I do not care for Igor Stravinsky's music. Blahh....

I mean, really, I know I am in the minority here, but if I am being honest (and I am) I must admit that his music is just [organized] noise to me. Sorry Igor.

So while we were rehearsing Stravinsky's Firebird Suite for something like two hours I did some serious daydreaming - or as my sister Jennifer put it (in yesterday's comments section) I meditated. I thought about how sparkly my wedding ring looked there under the lights in the great hall, and I thought about the bookcase that I want to get for the parlor so I have somewhere to put all my music, and I even thought about how I wanted to watch Project Runway as soon as I got home.

But then...but then...we put away Stravinsky and started rehearsing Beethoven. that is music. That is something worthy of my full and undivided attention. Beethoven knew what he was doing; which is one of the reasons why I have listened to his 7th Symphony just about every day this week. His music is....perfection.

But enough about yesterdays rehearsal and my daydreaming/meditating.

Today I am going - yet again - to Spokane. This time Elisabeth gets to go see her neurologist, Dr. Reggin. He is one of my favorite of all her doctors (and she has many). We'll see what he thinks of her brain this time around :)

Also, do you know what today is? It is Donald's Friday off (he gets every other Friday off). I thought about having him come along on my daytrip to Spokane, but decided he would be much more productive at home.

So Donald, if you're reading this (and I know you are!), here are a few things you can do if you get bored...

> Clean the kitchen floor
> Hose off the front porch
> Clean the birdcage

(Thank you my dear!!)

***And for all you locals out there: If you do like Stravinsky (don't let my little ol' opinion discourage you) or you do like Beethoven, then buy a ticket and come to the concert this Saturday night! Details here.

Have a sunny weekend!

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