Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Surgery Day!

The big day is here and we are ready!


We made a whole bunch of sock monkey pins for our family and friends to wear in honor of Elisabeth today. Because what represents Elisabeth better than a sock monkey? (They are her passion in life, that and binkies!).

[Lorelai, modeling a sock monkey pin.]

And then....

My sister did the most amazing thing in the world. Amazing, I tell you! You see, I was incredibly disappointed because I wanted Elisabeth to have a pretty hospital gown for her shunt surgery, but seeing as it's only been scheduled since last week there simply wasn't enough time to order one.

That's when I got a text that said, "I can SO do this" along with a picture of the fabric she was purchasing.

I could not believe it! First of all, I didn't even know that Jennifer knew how to sew. Hello?! How is she the most talented person on the planet? And second of all, I was incredibly touched. Her devotion and love for our family seems never ending. I am so, so, so grateful that she is my sister.

Here are some pictures of her making one of Elisabeth's hospital gowns (I say 'one' because she made two coordinating gowns!):

[That's my sister!]

And then Jennifer put us to work sewing buttons on the pockets, because she said that the more love that goes into it the better.

[Alexandra, my budding seamstress.]

[Me. This is as far as my sewing skills go.]

And now for the finished product:


[Notice Alexandra's buttons? A fine job indeed!]

And the second one is just as darling - I'll be sure to show you pictures of her wearing both of them in the hospital.

Surgery is at 1:00 Pacific Time.

So send a thought or two Elisabeth's way if you have a chance!

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