Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super-Jenn: Part III

Why my little sister is amazing.

A two part story.

a) She makes me lunches that look like this:


b) Watch the video. It speaks for itself.

So here's the question: Have you been to Yoga Hut yet? The studio is doing amazing!! Donald and I have become regulars (Donald is pretty much obsessed with yoga at the moment).

Anyways, a few times a month Jennifer has live music yoga sessions featuring certified music therapist Bill Dluhosh. I went to one a few weeks back and it was an incredible experience! So here's the exciting news: there's another live music session tomorrow morning! Yes, that's right, tomorrow morning at 9:00. So be there or be square.

[Super-Jenn: Part I]
[Super-Jenn: Part II]


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