Friday, August 3, 2012


The sight of this on Wednesday afternoon was enough to make me go into a cold sweat.

 I have to have a root canal done today. 

This is bad news considering I have dental phobia

 I developed this case of dental phobia some 6 or so years ago during a root-canal-gone-wrong. Let me just say: it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. Similar to the pain I felt with my spine last summer (except with the root-canal-gone-wrong the pain only lasted an hour or so and with my spine the pain went for something like 6 months). 

I had an appointment with the endodontist a few days ago to discuss my fear; to explain to him that I will not be able to go through with it unless he agrees to change my state of mind. So I left with a prescription in hand for a delightful little pill that will make all my worries go away. And I will be taking said pill at precisely 3:00 this afternoon. 

For the record: I cannot be held accountable for anything I say or do while under the influence of said pill. (Donald will provide video footage, I have not doubt)

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