Monday, August 6, 2012

The Queen is Suffering

There is something seriously wrong with Elisabeth. There has been something seriously wrong since the beginning of June...and things are only getting worse.

We spent the past four days in and out of hospitals. We had a shunt problem arise that led to enlarged ventricles and fluid accumulation around the shunt. It was an easy enough fix. But it only fixed that problem.

Who will be able to figure out what's wrong with my little girl? Why she screams in agony? Why she thrashes so violently, almost as if she is trying to escape her body?

And to make things worse, her seizures have returned with full force. She probably had close to 50 seizures yesterday ( I stopped counting at around 30). 

I had doctors at two hospitals this weekend tell me that they have done all they can do. They have seen her - seen her suffering - but they are at a loss. 'Take her to Seattle' is the recommendation.

Elisabeth's neurosurgeon has been out of town. I am hoping that he is back in the office today (though I have heard conflicting reports as to whether he will be). He is my last hope. He has seen her like this before. If he is not back today, then it's off to Seattle; to a new set of eyes and hopefully to a new set of ideas.


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