Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8 Years

Happy Birthday, 
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Eight years ago this month we moved into our home. We love this house and feel incredibly blessed to have our own little place in the world. Traditionally, we have had a birthday celebration of sorts for our home every year (the girls will bake a birthday cake this week!). This gives us an opportunity to reflect back on the past year in our house; improvements we have made, milestones we have hit, struggles we have faced, joys we have shared. So much happens within the walls of a home and I am so grateful to have a place to gather my family and feel safety and peace.

In honor of our eighth year here, we finally purchased something that we had been talking about buying for, well, the last eight years! A storm door. No joke, our last house had one and we loved it. So for eight years we planned to get one for this house. Eight years - it only took eight years. And now that it is finally here, oh, how I love that storm door! (see photo above). Having the front door open and letting light from outside flood through the front entryway and into the family room - it is absolutely glorious!

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One of my favorite things is when I am arriving home in the evenings after yoga. As I pull up to the house I can see a five foot tall giraffe standing tall and proud inside the house. It is pretty awesome. 

 photo 23f44d31-e7a1-4043-9b75-85c5dcf171ff_zps9a060c45.jpg 

Happy Tuesday to you. Elisabeth and I are heading to Spokane for a few appointments. This is our fourth trip there in past three weeks. Yikes! She gets her new back brace today. It is supposed to have matching butterflies to her leg braces. She is going to be adorable in her armor of butterflies!

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