Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elisabeth Lost Her First Tooth!!!

"I did it! I pulled out my tooth!!"

  photo 1c2d77e2-07d4-48a7-8287-b4c82c00449a_zpscb6ce251.jpg

How does a special little girl like Elisabeth pull out her tooth, you ask?

Well, she takes her sock doll, bites down hard, and pulls!!

  photo b0cb098f-749e-43a6-9211-5bef284d40d6_zpsc24604b7.jpg  photo de183f7a-5cc0-4983-82a3-7a8610adfe06_zps2b888128.jpg  photo c6d9afc1-93ed-408a-a336-a736278f2d28_zpsf268aad6.jpg  photo 897ac103-28df-4fff-897b-62c674bc5bbe_zps92ce5933.jpg 

She is all smiles.

Quite the opposite of Alexandra back in the day:

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(It's worth it)


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