Friday, August 2, 2013

Lorelai's First Track Meet

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[Dads are good for tying shoes.]

 photo 5e08d5f8-52c3-4eba-ba3f-3726dc901ca4_zps53dbfa92.jpg 

Yesterday, Lorelai participated in her very first track meet. She ended up competing against kids two and three years older than her...but Lorelai held her own!

In her very first track meet, Lorelai placed as follows:
200 Meter Dash - 2nd Place 
4x100 Meter Dash - 2nd Place 
100 Meter Dash - 3rd Place 
Softball Throw - 3rd Place

And in the long jump she was a tenth of an inch shy of placing third.

We are so proud of our little athlete!

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