Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn Leaf Festival


Saturday, we drove to our favorite American-Bavarian village to enjoy their Fall Festival. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain the entire time. Fortunately, that doesn't stop things like parades and pie eating contests.

 photo b05c25ac-7e27-43d0-8b68-cd300e7f0b3b_zpsca4da796.jpg  photo 07e0a08a-36c6-403c-98dd-a6b4b10760f3_zpscb4872b2.jpg

It might have rained on the parade, but we didn't let that rain on our parade...if you know what I mean!

  photo 3c0a753c-6394-447a-ba75-07fe45eb6853_zps4e306c35.jpg  photo fd2ef328-0d0b-4ab5-9d57-fd2a55184021_zpsfaa4422a.jpg

Pretzel Toss


 photo fd14f2b5-08a6-4199-b334-dce26c7364ba_zps682c8275.jpg
 photo 2bb575a8-8a66-4bd9-b7d5-4683a1db539c_zps52c3ff4b.jpg


  photo f607cca1-4555-498e-8677-09739176ff21_zps54d78e97.jpg  photo 7bd281d3-8d10-4525-8b50-b2d77e77aa24_zpseaa7da07.jpg  photo 2846d0bc-18ea-4693-aa0b-2a7304a6659b_zps7465d0fb.jpg


   photo 98e21aec-a58e-4a89-b31c-f97a9adbeec6_zps3270fc81.jpg  photo 864f49e8-52dd-48b6-ba62-3c2d55f9af64_zpsc9cfc38f.jpg  photo 9ab2d516-b632-4b93-99e6-29f57ab419a3_zps08bccd77.jpg

(I played too, but nobody photographs the photographer!)

Pie Eating Contest  photo ccf16bd9-280d-42ff-a077-9edcb8496ccc_zps5ed0da5c.jpg  photo 10c19340-5f6a-4da3-9ab6-a8eadc675b64_zpsd52da732.jpg  photo 3b2025dd-8fd9-41e5-be25-70d8a7fb9359_zpseceb2a77.jpg  photo 3e6a6112-cfb3-4356-a2ef-3557dc238c42_zpse79cbf95.jpg

She didn't win, but still earned a $5.00 prize!

 photo 1395de96-a5e8-492a-853e-be364754de68_zpsacf4718b.jpg

Note: Elisabeth was in fact with us! (Though the photographs may suggest otherwise) She was just in her jogger bundled under a gazillion blankets.

Also note: Elisabeth has surgery today at 7:30 a.m. in Spokane. So wear your sock monkey's and keep her close in your thoughts!

 photo 0a1a846e-27d8-4b96-8b70-25ddc47ac5ff_zps06fae013.jpg

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