Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Surgery Successful!

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[Farewell, family.]

Elisabeth and I left town on Sunday afternoon and spent the night in Spokane. With a 5:30 check in at the hospital, that's just what you do.

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[Our hotel room had two beds, but Elisabeth and shared one and snuggled all night. ]

Surgery went perfectly and they sent Elisabeth home just a few hours later. For the record, I think it is crazy that they sent her home so fast. I understand that this wasn't the riskiest surgery in the world, but a) she has many medical complications, b) she can't communicate to us how she is feeling, and c) we live two hours away from the hospital. I feel all three are valid reasons to watch her for a night, but send her home they did. 

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[In recovery. Still snoozin'.]

  photo 2abbf820-4687-4bf1-830d-812fd57b8620_zps0dbdf84e.jpg 

All bandaged up! There is an incision on her neck and another just underneath the collarbone - and they are big! With Halloween around the corner I'm thinking she would make an adorable little Frankenstein...

I'll post pictures of her incisions tomorrow.

(The expression on Elisabeth's face in that last picture cracks me up!)

(Doesn't she have the cutest profile?)

Happy October! 
My favorite month!!

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