Friday, September 27, 2013

It's My Two Year Spinal-versary!

Two years post spinal surgery:

- No pain
- No numbness
- No limitations

I am one lucky gal. From what I have read, most people don't experience a full and complete recovery.

Having my spine in tip-top shape means that I can be the best mother and caretaker possible for Elisabeth. Lifting/carrying her is easy and effortless. Well, maybe not effortless...but lightyears from where I was a few years ago (and she's a lot bigger now!)

That surgery was one of the best experiences of my life. To experience such a transformation is not something I will ever forget, nor is it something I will ever take for granted. 

Speaking of surgery...Elisabeth is going in on Monday to have a vagus nerve stimulator placed in her chest. Oh, how I hope this surgery changes her life! Elisabeth experiences seizures by the hour and is in desperate need of relief. Here's hoping that the VNS can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of her seizures. 

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM on the 30th. Send a thought or two her way!

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