Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini Me

Take a good look at what Alexandra wore on Saturday:

  photo 73f5b24b-4f6c-48d2-9986-f54a2baa151a_zps24ca43fb.jpg  photo b2c5a5b6-cb33-4311-8290-73438c17dc01_zps4d1ad749.jpg

Do you see that shirt? 

I repeat, do you see that shirt?!

That was my shirt once upon a time.

 photo 32c36d37-25ad-4492-9d5e-301617fd4797_zps6aa31b31.jpg 
[Me circa 1998]

My daughter turns 11 and suddenly she fits into my old teenage wardrobe.

Bizarre, I tell you!

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