Friday, October 11, 2013

Simply Be Genuine

A woman approached me yesterday and said she wanted to meet Elisabeth; that she couldn't stop staring and just had to come closer.

Even from afar, she said she could feel Elisabeth melting her heart. How by looking into Elisabeth's eyes she could see pure angelic innocence.

Then we did my favorite thing in the world - we talked all about QE! Seriously, I can't get enough of it. I told the woman about Elisabeth's struggles as well as her triumphs. We discussed her initial prognosis, various surgeries, and my love of g-tubes. And I told her how lucky I feel - how I look at Elisabeth and feel like I won the lottery..

I am grateful to that woman and for her courage in approaching me. So often, in this age of being politically correct, I find that people fear saying the wrong thing - therefore they say nothing at all.

But we mustn't live in fear. 

We simply must be genuine, as was this woman.

 photo 384e939d-c6a9-47ef-ab92-81de7e49561e_zps8610ec22.jpg 
[Looky, looky, Elisabeth's school portrait arrived!]

p.s. My encounter yesterday has me remembering a post I wrote just over two years ago. It happens to be one of my favorite posts - ever. And considering I have some 1600+ posts, that's saying something! So please, click the link below and have a read.

A Declaration  by Lisa Sorenson

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