Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Celebration of Eleven!


 photo 2d9ee4d8-c8b8-43d9-9001-0fa155e60462_zpsdd23f764.jpg  photo aebf5def-ddbf-4fbf-8b09-e765b2268086_zpse92f2937.jpg

Eleven-year-olds want things like skateboards for their birthdays.
  photo c8c7deb3-ad0b-433a-bf92-005d61fd7563_zpsaa75185b.jpg  photo d1576a32-2b64-4ed9-bba5-f23e66a1fee6_zps577f6868.jpg

Do you remember Back-to-School Night?
Do you remember that I told Lex she was getting a little plastic cup for her birthday?
Did you think I was joking?

I was not:

  photo 376d18cb-73bd-42d6-ba96-98da8b63c7be_zpsa90e996a.jpg

Beads aren't just for Mardi Gras.
 photo 9c5064eb-c84f-43e8-ad7f-31229d382f15_zpsaacaca7a.jpg  photo 8770deff-7149-4457-86f2-2da75be8cb15_zps2c671255.jpg 

Once again, Brigitta was dolled up for the occasion. She loves a good party.

 photo 17f2c0ae-292a-4cb4-aff4-7cf3fee3ff1c_zpse405346b.jpg 

Until she gets squished in a sister sandwich. In which case she looks like this:
 photo d0a4e2c6-0736-4a1d-ae3c-13619da15105_zpsd55fda79.jpg 

"Uh...someone get me away from here. 
And out of this sweater."

  photo 55623a03-1a34-439e-9ee5-c746e7657d7c_zpsfe2194eb.jpg 

Behold, the cake!

  photo 8c7751d5-123c-4acd-9db6-956823fcce19_zpscd843494.jpg  

And that's how you turn 11. 

Got it?

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