Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Evening Swim

When you live in an orphanage in Ethiopia, you don't frequent swimming pools.


We figured we better remedy that situation.

I present to you Elsa Lelise, swimming for the first time:

 photo 9e5e82c4-9c67-4e76-a8a7-bf8088c9992a_zps7a24dcd9.jpg  photo 9f311550-825d-44c5-9fc1-95c44af659b8_zps5744fd59.jpg  photo 29390419-cce1-4269-9251-e42ec839316a_zps65496d6d.jpg  photo afa007e0-9f6e-4523-9e54-29f5dd4e4d6d_zpsc0f3fd78.jpg  photo acc8c20c-c1bf-4d05-889d-829b85c7d59b_zps5172e935.jpg  photo ed3638ae-d349-40ec-9f81-9108809848ba_zps7bf8ca02.jpg  photo d77c1d3d-c2e3-4886-b1dc-dabbba1a8f25_zpsf160e7ba.jpg
  photo e3642a5b-5c6a-4e3b-9607-36ca04307229_zps1b5925b2.jpg
Is that swimsuit not perfect on her?!

Coming soon: More photos from our trip to Ethiopia.

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