Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elsa is Home!

I'm back from Africa and have much to say and share. But today, as I carefully balance the needs of three physically and emotionally exhausted children along with my own personal fatigue, I find it best to keep my words to a minimum. For words are an important thing and I want to be thinking clearly before I put them down in writing.

So for now I will share a few pictures of the girls meeting each other for the first time.

 photo f2a375f4-cc3c-4f51-96ab-210e5a35aa93_zpse08f01dd.jpg
[Alexandra and Lorelai, holding a necklace to give to their new sister.]

  photo 9d493a23-c303-4b56-b24d-a438c9fd080c_zps77a73322.jpg
[Together at last! Presenting Elsa with her necklace.]

 photo d74d8500-eeb0-402e-a746-5ba723ed3abb_zps5c6573b5.jpg  photo d3c376dd-ec14-4fee-8701-e7f7e7a5b79e_zps8a9de849.jpg  photo ac1f5056-fb45-4dc6-b272-c1f09438f1e8_zpsf42d23c0.jpg

And then ... they gave Elsa her new clothes:  photo 002127d9-f224-44a9-837d-56dd4483dd90_zps2ce62580.jpg  photo ba335e60-07e9-4541-8ace-69ecffe51e7a_zpsa67a0586.jpg  photo a1436abe-2927-4bec-8167-efdc0ddea189_zpsdff7245d.jpg 

Together at last!

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