Friday, December 20, 2013

By Days End...

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Without out a doubt, the last month has been the busiest of my life. Of course, there are all the 'normal' things involved with adopting a child from Africa and helping her get accustomed to life in America. But on top of it there has been the hustle bustle of the holiday season, medical appointments for Elisabeth, violin engagements, and everyday tasks like laundry and grocery shopping. Busy, I tell you! By days end I am exhausted and usually doze off in front of the fireplace.

Last night I fell asleep snuggled close to Elisabeth. When I woke this morning Donald showed me the picture he captured (above). My heart melted to see Elisabeth's hand resting on mine. I love Elisabeth - I love how special she is and I love the unique experience I am having in raising her - she is one of a kind and I cherish her. Elisabeth reminds me to slow down and enjoy this season of life that I am in. I feel incredibly blessed and oh, so happy.

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