Thursday, December 19, 2013

Elsa's First Day of School!


  photo 0369f30e-a11e-4bff-a583-c073f5a08f97_zps11875519.jpg  photo 0890a11b-be92-4c72-893c-2433dbb13b3c_zps5aaa8f96.jpg  photo e064af64-afaf-4085-8ca0-3c5dd210bb7b_zps5f695c96.jpg  photo c5bba211-ce0a-42e6-a9a0-19961e931279_zpsfddff9c8.jpg  photo b08b68e1-d82a-482d-a4de-6bb1f8fc67a3_zps4a700552.jpg
 photo 0007c187-810b-4ee8-8235-f63488c4314a_zps7b6548ad.jpg  photo 1518c17e-0a5d-4f3e-97d3-9f82f39014fd_zps70194c50.jpg  photo 846c175b-4835-40e4-a49e-fb2919949f39_zpsdef42c80.jpg  photo 2a606d01-6114-4eee-8893-59d984be8598_zps53ad6349.jpg  photo 2909b4a0-138c-4755-9f5a-afe60625fa1f_zps57a23859.jpg

Elsa was SO excited when she woke up - the kind of excited that puts a skip in your step. She quickly got dressed, ate breakfast, watched me pack lunches, and put on her biggest smile for pictures out front. When we pulled up next to the school she hopped out of the van with no reservation, ready to take on the world. I was so proud of her, and once again, amazed by her courage and confidence.

  photo a647616c-56aa-46a4-8dbf-9a1f3d08acdd_zpsb3792038.jpg
[After school. Still smiling!]

 photo b09a5a2c-a0b1-4b68-a77c-e733fa4c930d_zpsf4b3201f.jpg

And so begins her formal education.

Note: Elsa should technically be in 1st grade, but because she has some catching up to do and will be learning Spanish, we decided to enroll her in Kindergarten with the option to move up later if/when she is ready.

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