Friday, December 6, 2013

Deck the Halls Week: Day 4

The Music Parlor 

 photo b65addd1-3761-40d0-91b2-c0ba6bdef0c3_zps64715979.jpg
Old Christmas records are out and ready to be played!

  photo 33174ef5-f031-4beb-9ac1-d51b5b68567e_zpse111038a.jpg  photo 1057a6be-8c4e-4fd9-a423-1bd9372870ed_zpscd1d3bdc.jpg

Gold always reminds me of my Grandma Coats. Gold was her trademark.

 photo 824e5a7b-7cbb-4279-9ddb-f318b9f4e47b_zpsd6551652.jpg  photo 348db591-2748-4716-839d-31ae43d881e7_zps8d76ce15.jpg

And in the front entry:
  photo ee0f0f13-4969-4372-a027-569c44c71e27_zps2698cb1e.jpg 

About that candy... While Lex, Lor, and Lizzie were at school yesterday, Elsa and and I stopped by the grocery store to buy a few items. While there we wandered through the Christmas aisle and she spotted a bag of chocolates wrapped in shiny, metallic wrappers. Because it is so fun to see her amazement at such things, I purchased the candy. 

Once home, I took my candy dish out of the cupboard, filled it up, and placed it on the side table in the front entry. A few hours later I walked by and discovered it was empty!

Elsa ate the whole thing. 

 Ha ha ha! This child is truly loving life in America!! 

(Never fear, we have since had a chat about moderation. There is now a rule in place where she must ask permission before indulging in a piece a candy!)

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