Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Deck the Halls Week: Day 3

The Tree!

(As promised.)

  photo 108595e4-1c32-430e-b49a-faa49937f7c7_zps0eec67c5.jpg

One of these years I am going to get around to making a beautiful garland of some sorts.
This is not that year.

And check this out, Elisabeth's hair is long enough for a high up piggy tail!
 All of her natural curl makes it look like a fancy (messy) up-do:
   photo a65779cd-ba51-4856-a760-19019df6d767_zps3a8708a2.jpg  photo 2278d20f-c166-4fab-8237-bc0cd2c9c303_zpsa479bd1b.jpg  photo fcd6a03f-d35b-4cb1-8508-e305d070bff1_zps0464c5a4.jpg  photo 96242d79-8444-420d-b03a-37565ea19937_zps355a8572.jpg  photo b2472f7e-9bb2-40c7-9352-6d6c9d9ec1b5_zps1baae854.jpg 

This hairdo is soooo 1955.

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