Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mi Nombre es Elsa

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Well now, you aren't going to believe what I have to say!

First: Last summer I inquired with the school district about enrolling Elsa into the dual language program like her older sisters so that she would learn English and Spanish. She was denied on the basis that she doesn't already have a strong foundation in English or Spanish.

Second: Two weeks ago I tried to get Elsa a transfer to the elementary school that Alexandra and Lorelai go to so that they could all be in the same school (only one class in each grade is dual language.). With Elisabeth going to a different school due to her special needs I thought this was necessary; I just couldn't see managing three elementary schools. The transfer was denied.

Third: I scheduled a meeting with the assistant superintendent to discuss my rather unique situation, hoping he could help sort it all out. He referred us back to the dual language department. They called the next day and asked me to bring Elsa in to be evaluated.

Fourth: I get a call from the head of the dual language department several days later. They said that although it was completely unprecedented, they were going to place her in the program! She went on and on about Elsa - about her confidence, her smile, her intelligence. My heart soared! They see in her exactly what I see: limitless potential. This girl is going places, I tell you!

So...she is going to be learning Spanish right alongside English.

I am so excited!!!!!

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