Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tree Shopping

This weekend...

We purchased the 2013 Sorenson Family Christmas Tree  
(Something so important deserves a title, no?)

  photo 1dc59fac-a384-405f-afd5-02fe2de578e5_zps5d7a5a07.jpg  photo 111f1769-89d5-4547-91d2-d2a8dbd99ebe_zps1eb23bbd.jpg  photo 24a0f604-9bdb-413a-a2dd-0aad2f3ac70e_zps022d02b7.jpg  photo 84c44532-a5d3-40af-8e1b-8702651d14da_zps84db637c.jpg

And then I dressed Lorelai and Elsa up to look like Christmas trees.  photo 73c67e87-1edf-4210-85a9-f14934e68323_zpsfbe462fc.jpg 

As for Elisabeth, she spent the past few days under the weather. That upper respiratory infection really took its toll on her.

So we snuggled. 
 photo 7b09489f-fff9-4b9b-8ea1-6e662ea525ef_zpsd5f88529.jpg 

Sometimes all a baby needs is her mama.

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