Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elisabeth's Happy Place

Tucked into the corner of my bedroom is Elisabeth's bed. We moved it there 2011 before my spinal surgery so that I wouldn't have to carry her up and down the stairs. I am not sure we necessarily planned on leaving her there permanently - but it ended up being the best place for her.

You see, it brings great comfort having her so close during the night.  Her breathing pattern changes when she has a seizure and it always wakes me up. When that happens, I bring her into bed with Donald and me so that I can snuggle her and tell her that everything is going to be okay.

Elisabeth loves her bed. It is her happy place. She used to be content to sit on her rug in the family room and play with toys, but not so much anymore. I think sitting on the floor has just become uncomfortable with her scoliosis getting so severe. As an alternative, I put her in bed to play. It is much softer for those times that she loses balance and topples over (about every minute!).
  photo 844d7244-89d4-4033-957a-82de30b1e46a_zps28406735.jpg  photo 0dab285d-c9dc-447d-b4af-e70a0b48499a_zps1901fc43.jpg  photo 0660a061-10aa-4fff-82f2-ef4aac6a5345_zps07f3faf4.jpg  photo b7c8cc62-3c3d-44ab-bdb2-36fc2adb85fb_zps5cf7047a.jpg  photo fc8ade9b-a25e-47b6-bfe9-d074bffecc8f_zps0083e438.jpg  

Everybody has a happy place.

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