Monday, February 10, 2014

The New Phone

I was due for a phone upgrade and so I took advantage of a deal on to buy a Galaxy S4 for a penny! Of course, then I needed a new phone case. So I used a gift card from my brother, David, to get this sweet little thing:

  photo 3c4e5e87-7c6c-4344-9bf8-35c0c397d2a9_zps92b77b9d.jpg
I am absolutely in love with it.

And the inside gets even better:

 photo d03110ea-a7c0-43c8-b905-f1c2d8e1d80d_zpse114a40d.jpg

Something about that fabric reminds me of my childhood. I am pretty sure I had a white dress with strawberries on it when I was one or two.

 photo 66741dce-005e-42e9-b73d-2a313c4f01b8_zpsf6ef8bc7.jpg

Once I had the phone and the case, it was time to start thinking about images for the phone itself 
(this is the kind of thing I have so much fun with, can you tell?)

I chose a pink rosebud wallpaper that went well with the motif of the case:
  photo b11c7283-a401-48d6-b255-db974f0af133_zpsf88dbc0e.png

 For my lock screen I found this little number:
  photo f00e3b0b-d511-4dc4-ba52-94bdbf4cfa3a_zpsaae09c45.png

I absolutely adore this picture! 
 I want to hop right into the drawing and float away in one of those hot air balloons.

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