Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Snow!

Nothing quite compares to a fresh blanket of snow covering the earth.
Everything is so bright, so clean, so quiet, so peaceful.

This past week brought our first snowfall of the season - and another first for our new little Elsa. Life here in this corner of the world is vastly different from the country she left behind. She has accepted the change gladly; ready and willing to embrace this new place that she calls home.

 photo 082bbb2c-331e-4e6c-88df-cbec4468d795_zps90431f97.jpg  photo 22657d32-e073-4c6c-92c3-e4b4dfdeef60_zps165c8686.jpg  photo 93fa70f0-ba96-4cc2-a8cf-80ab7f182dde_zpsf417286a.jpg  photo 22d5869b-5cd9-49dd-9681-9e9e6984c8b2_zpsf68dbefa.jpg  photo 73deb4d3-e101-4ad4-8f86-921aa5cbd2e1_zps3ea6d2e1.jpg  photo 81689513-2768-449b-91bc-ed92065f9214_zpse47e60dd.jpg  photo 500067ee-6c15-4b31-b2bb-918e0a224c93_zps09afed3e.jpg  photo 0fbcaeb5-55db-4511-a308-ec16d94a4833_zps193c6e98.jpg  photo 636c9210-1f14-472e-9303-10b01ced548c_zpsd25c75c8.jpg  photo e319a53e-13a6-4409-89fd-733a633d78e0_zps0956d44a.jpg  photo cdffe82e-b278-45be-919e-c85a5222a1d8_zps22925900.jpg  photo e3756999-83d8-4988-bca0-6ad954f4dc71_zps75aeb3f7.jpg  photo 707df21a-af8f-4a13-a085-d21e670a5ee3_zps8a775bfd.jpg

 And for the finale...
Lorelai threw a large ball of snow up into the air!

 photo 50fca66e-7b26-43e1-986d-9c3849c73c61_zps16c66ca6.jpg

After it came back down she looked pleased as punch. 
I can't say the same for Elsa who was too close to escape the downfall!

  photo e774a18c-2aba-4819-8b4e-09bf5170a602_zpsfd05116e.jpg  photo 0f52b418-b8bb-4430-8e02-7714f5054de3_zpsff3ff579.jpg

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