Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frozen Over

Alexandra is getting to that age where she is involved in a million different extra curricular activities (slight exaggeration). What this means is that while she is in orchestra class, marimba band, or things of that nature, we are waiting.

The past week I have tried to add some excitement to our wait by driving to nearby parks and letting Elsa and Lorelai run free and get some energy out. Sometimes this means playing on a swing set by the river at 7:30 am. Sometimes this means going down a slide in sub-freezing temperatures. But do you think they care? Not in the least! (Children are amazing in that way)

And while they are out running-a-muck, exploring, and climbing, Elisabeth and I stay cozy in the car. Usually I bring my book with me and read while the heat blasts onto my feet.

Of course, I do have to brave the cold to snap a few pictures per their request.

  photo 1e7cb839-fb53-4310-b7c8-baca0dc4b475_zpsaa52ecdb.jpg  photo 496b9c9e-c321-427e-ba12-695c51245486_zpsdee122fa.jpg  photo 2111dd50-c5d4-4a02-a7f9-cf7d0e7a6cf6_zpse3b8aee7.jpg  photo 93e6af30-968c-4ddb-85cf-1e86f44894d4_zps76fb653e.jpg  photo 6465bbd3-0304-4244-b9cd-40f9bdf29546_zps38cc6231.jpg 

I do believe that Elsa has a frozen-over runny nose in this picture!


Note: It is supposed to drop to 4 degrees tonight! Yikes! 

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