Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's + Lisa's Finishing School Part 3

 photo 235c6cc6-cc12-439c-9780-cc1d1462b330_zpsbc4a325b.jpg

Another first for our sweet Elsa - Valentine's Day! We spent the week leading up to it reading Valentine's Day books from our bookshelf - like The Day it Rained Hearts and Funny Valentine. But even then, I don't think she knew what to expect: cards and sweets and little gifts! She probably thinks that life here in America is one continuous party! (Maybe it is...)

  photo 5bf711e3-1e80-4c01-bd9e-4f262cf24cd6_zps20096d9e.jpg  photo eae8934c-4e06-4be0-8f59-aaa60af471e0_zpsb557801a.jpg  photo e012d8d6-972d-43a5-af8d-d8bec0b70130_zps77dac42f.jpg

Last night was our monthly etiquette dinner with the children. We kept with a Valentine's Day theme and it turned out simply lovely! I especially love my new table cloth.

  photo 8b3f5e26-028c-439e-91d6-cb6bd51d7a62_zps0686a5b0.jpg  photo 40d4d659-02a3-4739-ba4e-0c4ec11f6950_zpse1a63176.jpg  photo 8080df7e-749d-4e32-a78f-f0212475ff63_zps1f79cdbe.jpg  photo 1608b17b-c39c-476a-9571-1511327735eb_zps8dcdb437.jpg  photo b26389e1-0bd1-4d2e-b2a0-20331b112c1e_zpsa4c212ed.jpg  photo 804f8a42-6c1a-4a04-a4c6-3ed9c00370f3_zps88eb6443.jpg 

I was quite pleased with how that center piece turned out. A friend had shared with me a photo of something similar and I knew I had to give it a try. So I stayed up late on Valentine's Eve and created my own paper crane tree. Now the wheels are really turning...I keep thinking of all the different color combinations I can do - this is going to be fun!

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