Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Easy Breezy

It was so cold and icy yesterday that the school district announced a two hour delay. Once again, that was yesterday. Then today came - and it felt like spring. Indeed, it got up to a delightful 63 degrees! I took full advantage of the occasion and aired the house out a bit. Upstairs, the computer room and the bathroom are directly across the stairwell from each other. I opened the window in both rooms and it sent a pleasant breeze shooting through the house. It was rejuvenating.

View of the computer room from the bathroom:
  photo dd90ed07-8ac7-4521-b553-a64b0a945b70_zps78694cf0.jpg

View of the bathroom from the computer room:
  photo 4774d6d9-4fee-4f38-a5da-c0037b310372_zpsd4cb2cfa.jpg

See how the air can just shoot right on through? It's pretty much perfect.

When Donald got home, he and two of the girls took all three dogs on a walk.   photo 198a735b-80c7-4b7b-bf1c-93a3e72390ca_zpsf4f21b13.jpg 

It felt good to have a taste of Spring. To get the house aired out and the girls out of the house. I am ready for the change of season. Ready for longer days, warmer days, and some leaves on those trees up there.

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