Monday, March 3, 2014

Off The Beaten Path

Friday took us to Portland, Oregon for the City of Roses Gymnastics Meet. The girls didn't mind that they had to play hooky from school for the day - ha!

Lorelai scored high enough to qualify for the upcoming sectionals that will be hosted at our very own Mid-Columbia Gymnastics Academy! She is over the moon!

 photo 9c9f1bf1-0ece-4067-b9fa-1d4b095d4d24_zps3bfafb0b.jpg   photo b29a4b2a-73ef-48eb-b027-cebbded1a228_zps79bf2c3b.jpg
[Chalking up.]

  photo 3416282b-1c08-46fa-8cc1-b59f48132400_zpsdeb85111.jpg
[Lorelai, warming up on the bar.]

  photo 4d6087e4-9e2d-4024-b0f4-7806b5ea6676_zps91228ec1.jpg
[My champion and me.]

A funny thing happened on the way home. The always-trustworthy-GPS (said with sarcasm) took us off the main highway and redirected us to the scenic route. It ended up being the most beautiful discovery - we had to stop and take pictures! And, we decided that as soon as the weather warms up we need to go back and do some exploring.

  photo 7dffd056-99f5-4257-b98c-557efb006c90_zps69f603c9.jpg  photo 56809671-c2bb-4f15-a540-710e0408956f_zps90d2b2aa.jpg  photo 1ecc6858-703b-4357-b153-94abdab2bc9d_zps6ce75a37.jpg  photo 1d7f7b54-20d4-4821-ae38-eb4cc439442b_zps7e6e83f8.jpg  photo baa628f2-7dfa-441f-9d87-617c22b74a8f_zpsefe1bd9b.jpg  photo 84f80538-64b4-4231-89e7-c57bd3116f69_zps262456f4.jpg 
  [It was much too cold to take Elisabeth out, so she was staying warm in the car.]

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