Monday, April 14, 2014

Enrichment for Elisabeth

There is no doubt about it, Elisabeth has regressed a lot in the past year or two. The smiles, the laughs, the few words, the ability to sit unsupported. As she has regressed I have noticed there isn't much she can do - especially now that she can't sit and play with her toys on the floor. Her life just seems - oh, I don't know - a little dull.

A normal child can explore the world around them, but that's not the case with Elisabeth. Her life will only be as rich as I make it ... so I need to make it wonderful. You see, I don't want Elisabeth to merely exist, I want her to enjoy, to participate, to experience

So I have recommitted myself to finding ways to enrich her life; to add color and sound and excitement where I can. (Because I admit, it is really easy to snuggle her into her beanbag chair and let her be while I do things like tend to the house and other children.) Today's post is the first in a new blog series I am creating called Enrichment for Elisabeth.

   photo dddd9d15-6a4e-4b2a-992f-26ea0662f4e7_zpscbcc99ac.jpg  
Bike rides
along the river.
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