Friday, April 18, 2014

Save the Shells!

We are big egg eaters. In fact, I buy five dozen a week. Five dozen. Lately, we've taken to saving the shells to add calcium and nutrients to the soil of our garden beds. Here's what we do:

1. Wash shells and set them out to dry.  photo 3950b013-509f-4c91-b1c0-634352f03b38_zps2e77a979.jpg

2. Crumble and put in jar until filled to the top.  photo 1aa1ed55-1e3c-460d-8437-9616d185dbef_zps4f7592e2.jpg

3. Grind and add to soil  photo 2015b2da-156f-4367-9074-33a9588b8012_zpsca98e13d.jpg 

Now go make an omelet!

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