Thursday, April 17, 2014

Then & Now: Adoption Edition

This is what adoption looks like...

Elsa then:
  photo 3e55b25e-27a7-4b1f-b262-a85b088cc2b6_zps56e6ea51.jpg

Elsa now:
 photo 6e153cca-0565-44e0-a4f2-ac1e26721c8e_zps89984b82.jpg 

How many times have we seen pictures like that first one up there? Pictures of children who look neglected, sad, hungry, dirty. The kind of picture they show on TV when they tell you that just 25 cents a day can change the life of a child.

Sometimes I think it is hard to imagine that those are real children; that life is really like that for people around the globe. But it is - Elsa can attest to that. Those aren't just faces, those are children with thoughts and hopes and dreams; real children who need help, who need love, who need families.

I know that adoption isn't for everyone, but if you feel in your heart that it is right for you and would like information on how to start the adoption process, or if you have any questions at all about adoption, please feel free to email me at There are so many children out there dreaming of a family to call their own.

Everyone deserves to have someone.

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